Sport Propulsion Winter

Sports driving on snow and ice handling rear-wheel-drive vehicle

Sports driving course on snow and ice where theory and practice of driving are combined with handling a standard vehicle and later a rear-wheel-drive racing car equipped with studded tires.
Recommended for drivers who want to discover sports driving and/or want to improve their safety and driving skills in low grip conditions.



550/ person
  • 1 student – 1 vehicle
  • Duration: 2 hours

Hours: 9am to 11am / 11.30am to 1.30pm / 3pm to 5pm
* may vary depending on weather conditions

GP Track with 875m or rope qhere the GSeries and Andros Trophy are held.
Reception of customers and insurance filling. Exhibition of the course
Safe driving theory and basic tips.

Content GP Track
Skill and use of steering wheel in variable slalom.
Braking techniques when approaching a curve.
Simple curve: how to deal with it.
Linked curve and skid control with the application of different techniques. Trajectory work and increased safety in sporty driving.
Delivery of diplomas.

Propulsion tourism equipped with bars and studded tires. (BMW E36)
Valid B1 driver’s licenes.