An altitude racing circuit

The highest permanent racetrack in the world

The Andorra Circuit racetrack is located at an altitude of 2,400 meters, 3 km from Pas de la Casa (Andorra), almost at the foot of the Grandvalira Ski Resort. Geography and climatology shape our identity and allow us to perform activities throughout the year, but what sets us apart and shapes our DNA is the ice and snow, which allows us to host events as unique as the Andros Trophy or the GSERIES or training at the height of leading drivers of the world championships.
If you want to get started in motorsport, or if what you are looking for is to improve your driving to feel safer in any circumstance, we offer a variety of programs adapted to all needs!
We guarantee great experiences all year round!


Track info

  • Total track length: 945 m
  • Starting grid length: 310 m
  • Track width: 10/11 m
  • Number of curves: 7
  • Platform dimensions: 5.176 m2
  • Maximum capacity: 2.000

Estimated track conditions

  • ICE / SNOW December – March
  • ASPHALT April – November


  • VIP lounge
  • Welcome Center
  • Box suites
  • Boxes
  • Race Control
  • Glassbar Restaurant

The Andorra Circuit Info

Different surfaces for summer and winter

The racetrack has a versatile layout with different configurations for all types of vehicles. It can be divided into two separate paths. The track can be driven in either direction.



The track is almost a kilometre long and combines fast stretches with slow curves. It is between 11 and 14 meters wide, giving the possibility to go in both directions with five different layouts.



The ideal track for cars and motorcycles due to its range and its varying layout. Ideal for drifting, sports club activities and classic or sports car events.


A multifunctional venue suitable for different activities



A 5,000 m2 track with countless possibilities; ideal for beginner courses and group activities.



RacingLoop has designed the first Flat Track circuit in the country at the Andorra Circuit facilities. Flat Track is a discipline of North American origin. It is characterized by competing on dirt tracks as well as on flat tracks. What distinguishes motocross from Flat Track is that there are no banks or footholds to find traction.


Much more than a layout

Thanks to its surface maintained in impeccable conditions throughout the year (ice/asphalt) as well as a wide range of infrastructures, the Andorra Circuit is the ideal venue for any type of event whether competitions, training or corporate and institutional events.